Our shop will be closed from April 19, 2018, until April 30, 2018, while we travel in the United Kingdom.
We look forward to seeing you when we return.

From servicing to full restoration, we repair all mechanical clocks, including antiques, carriage – repeaters, mantle, grand sonnerie, fusee bracket, and long case.

Each clock movement is completely dismantled and checked for wear. Pivots on the gears are polished and re-bushed. Mainsprings are removed and checked. The movement is then ultrasonically cleaned, reassembled and oiled. The clock is tested and regulated to ensure accurate timekeeping.

For more extensive restoration, we can have any part custom made, dials refinished and cases restored to their original beauty.


Shoppe Hours

Wednesday to Friday
10am - 6pm

10am - 5pm

Sunday - Tuesday


The Little Shoppe of Horology
89 Lakeshore Road East, Unit 3
Port Credit, MIssissauga ON
15G 1C9

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